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  • Our Offer – Software and Services for Document Processing

    Docolution has the software and services you need to automate and digitalize your document-based business processes.

The Challenge

The world of written correspondence is changing. While digitalization has simplified many things, ensuring smooth operations is an increasingly complex process. Solid know-how is key to ensuring success.

The Solution

Take advantage of our customized solutions to make sure your document management is the best it can be.

Our Offer

  • Accessibility
    Successful communication with customers only happens when the foundation is solid. Create documents that are effortlessly accessible to all.
  • Customer Communication Management
    Create written correspondence automatically: Adaptive design and accessibility, corporate design, multiple languages, and much much more.
  • Output Management
    A digital distribution center for your multichannel and cross-media strategies makes it possible to link online and print.
  • Enterprise Content Management
    Finding information—as easy as a Google search. The filing system—as secure as Fort Knox. Digitalized workflows make fast responses a breeze. Maintain an overview and increase your efficiency.
  • Quality Assurance
    Automated document comparison increases quality, saves costs, and provides security.
  • Aly Document Analyzer
    Checking documents by hand is time-consuming and prone to errors. It’s better to automate and be safe.
  • Software Development
    If you decide to “make” instead of “buy”, then we are the right partner for you. We develop tailor-made software applications together with you.
  • Business Analysis
    The relevant stakeholders’ requirements and expectations are systematically gathered and used as a basis for the targeted evolution of your systems and processes.
  • Professional Service
    Our employees are technically, professionally, and socially proficient, resulting in excellent productivity. Our company bears full responsibility for and all costs associated with training.
  • Support
    Docolution’s software support services ensure the maximum operational reliability and availability of your systems.