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  • About us

    Docolution has been building smart document solutions for output management, customer communication, and enterprise content management for many years. 

Facts & Figures

Docolution is an owner-managed, self-financed limited liability company. We are able to act flexibly and have very efficient decision-making channels. We act independently of any manufacturers, which enables us to provide our customers with tailor-made solutions.

Good solutions need experience

Docolution GmbH was founded in 2007 by Markus Mayer and Markus Graf, who have spent decades working in the field of software solutions for document processes.

Our passion is creative software solutions for written communication. Our strength is efficient customer communication.

Solutions for the future

Written communication between public authorities, companies, and customers will always exist. The ways it is executed will adapt to new needs:

Accessible at any time, responsive display on all devices, accessible for all people—we are working on smart solutions that make this possible.

Our values

  • Pragmatism: We determine the best solution possible with the existing resources.
  • Efficiency: We strive for good solutions that take effort into account.
  • Fairness: Being fair is at the heart of everything we do.
We like working for you!