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  • Accessibility – Barrier-free documents for everyone

    Everyone uses documents for communication on a daily basis. These should be easily accessible to everyone. This will make your company’s customers loyal to you in the long term. Docolution can help you achieve this goal.

Who will benefit from it?

Customers and recipients should be able to understand content easily, correctly, and completely. If the content, layout, and structure are set up correctly, everyone can easily receive content on their desktop or smartphone. This increases your reach and ensures satisfied recipients.
  • Blindness – Around 400,000 heavily visually impaired and blind people live in Austria.
  • Visually impaired – High levels of technology consumption in particular are leading to visual deterioration, in increasingly younger people.
  • Everybody – 86.5% of Austrians aged 16 and over use digital media on a daily basis. People are viewing content on their smartphones, tablets, and computers from the comfort of their couch. Or they have their documents read out loud, for example, while driving in the car.

The European Union is a pioneer in this field.

The European Accessibility Act is giving the economy a responsibility. From 28 June 2025, all websites and documents must be barrier-free and accessible to all (EU Directive 2019/882).

The Challenge: Companies are faced with issues such as:
  • How can we make our documents accessible?
  • What criteria and standards are important?
  • Which tools can help the process?
  • What to do with document inventories?
The Solution: Right from the very start, documents can be produced that take barrier-free and trackable design into consideration. Standards like PDF/UA, HTML5, and WCAG define how this works. We can find a solution together with you, from the creation of the document to the moment it is sent.

90% of people love kittens.

100% of people need accessible documents.

We want to reach everyone!

Docolution Image


Together with you, we will find a solution, from the creation of a document to its dispatch:
  • Creating new and existing documents in accessible formats (PDF/UA, HTML5)
  • Software to create mobile-first and accessible documents
  • Software to convert existing documents into accessible formats
  • Analysis of your current situation and strategic development
  • Consulting and training on all aspects of documents and accessibility
  • Checking your documents for accessibility
  • We can take your documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, AFP, and more) and make them accessible.
How many interested people and customers do you want to reach?