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  • Enterprise Content Management

    Finding information – as easy as a Google search. The filing system – as secure as Fort Knox. Digitalized workflows make rapid responses a breeze. Maintain an overview and increase your efficiency

The Challenge

Office workers spend up to two hours a day filing digital or printed documents. Only a third say that their documents are protected from forgery. The customers and business partners of the future are “digital natives”. They expect to be able to access information anytime and anywhere, and to get the answers they need within minutes or even seconds. 
Paper-based processes are no longer current.

The Solution

In a modern company, access to information must be both protected and available throughout the company, regardless of location. Workflows must be digital and structured. Searching must be simple, and filing must be secure. 
The digitalization of information enables processes and procedures to be automated. Tasks and information are automatically assigned to a business process via workflow. 
The technical solution for this is a Document Management System (DMS).

Benefits for your Company

A document management system stores all your documents in the same place. All valid and archived versions are online and centrally organized.
  • Centralized documentation and information management
  • Process automation
  • Uniform templates, company standards for file formats and document types
  • Audit security and legally compliant archiving
  • Continuity in software applications
  • Workflow optimization
Docolution provides the right solutions for output management and consulting in this field.