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  • Customer Communication – Smart Documents

    Automated, personalized, and suitable for all dispatch channels. Generate appealing, individualized correspondence in your corporate design, from a single letter to mass production.

The Challenge

We take written communication for granted—whether it’s a pension plan notice via letter, loan approval by e-mail, or a damage report through a mobile phone app. However, each of these documents has a great deal to consider:
  • Content accuracy
  • Different languages
  • Adaptive design
  • Accessibility
  • Compliance with corporate design
  • Dynamic messages for target groups

The Solution

Modern solutions for Customer Communication Management (CCM) provide a variety of useful functions:
  • Web-based design tools
  • Performative automated compilation
  • Personalized content
  • Responsive design for a smooth display on smartphones, tablets, or desktops
  • Interactive content
  • Collaborative work capability
  • Versioning and staging

Benefits for your company

A centralized CCM helps with the automated compilation of written correspondence.
High-quality communication that reaches its intended audience needs:
  • Accurate and relevant content
  • Content tailored to the output media
  • High recognizability (corporate design)
All these attract the notice of the target group and reduce return rates. With CCM, you can draw upon the tremendous potential of digital communications, easily achieving noticeable functional and economic improvements.

Docolution’s Customer Communication Management will ensure that your written communication is effective and meets all your needs. Benefit from our experience.

Modernize your written correspondence with your customers.