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  • Output Management – Digital Distribution Centers

    An output management system acts as the digital distribution center for your multichannel and cross-media strategies, making it possible to link online and print.

The Challenge

Send the right documents with the right attachments to the right people — quickly and cost-effectively. Today, companies need to provide documents through a variety of different channels — print/mail, e-mail, certified e-delivery, and web portal — and even new communication channels from social networks such as WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook.

The Solution

Link document sources and output channels. Optimize recipient-oriented communications. Benefit from a uniform and understandable overview of your customer communications.

Benefits for your Company

A modern Output Management System (OMS) has a central set of rules for sending documents. All documents to be sent within the company are collected in the OMS. Here, they are prepared for dispatch according to the output channel:
  • Electronic dispatch: Insertion of links, multimedia content, digital signature, etc.
  • Printing and postal delivery: Insertion of QR codes, postage paid stamps, envelope sorting information, signature information, etc.
An OMS carries out a variety of tasks that result in process reliability and cost savings for you:  
  • Centralized document dispatch pool
  • Optimized output for print production, web, and archives
  • Efficient production jobs
  • Omnichannel capability
  • Control of physical and e-supplements
  • Shipment tracking
  • Postage-saving shipment consolidation
  • Complete tracking of every document
  • High format diversity
  • Reduced time spent on administration, troubleshooting, and problem repair
Docolution provides the right solutions for output management and consulting in this field. Profit from our experience.